ndia’s favourite resort when visiting the famous Asiatic lions at Sasan Gir, The Fern Gir Forest Resort offers 40 well-appointed, air-conditioned villas, suites, cottages and tents, and a very memorable vacation. True to an authentic experience of living in undisturbed nature, we ensure the environment remains protected with The Fern’s award-winning, environmentally sensitive programmes. The resort is built in an ethnic style inspired by local design that has evolved the best balance in Gir’s hot summer and chilly winters.

On the edge of the lion sanctuary, our 5-star resort in Sasan Gir offers two restaurants, specialty dining, a premium spa, swimming pool, conference facilities and luxury indulgences making us the most popular leisure and off-site destination in Sasan Gir. While the king of the jungle gets his royal hospitality, so will his guests.

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Sasan Gir
Dist. Junagadh.
Gujarat. India.

362 135

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Mobile : +91 287 7285999
Email : crs@fernhotels.com
Website: http://www.ferngirforestresort.com


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