Mahefeel – E – Rann Resort is introducing rural resort at Hodka village. We are situated towards rural location of north part of Kutch; welcome you all to stay with us at traditionally crafted rural resort. We the village tourism committee, operating and managing the rural resort and offering to stay in traditional huts with grass thatch roof, locally called BHUNGA. These bhungas are traditionally decorated with mud-mirror art work, provides rural feel and are comfortable to stay. We have total eight numbers of bhungas with attached bathroom facilities.

Contact Details

Village : Hodka (Banni)
Tal : Bhuj - Kachch (North)

Contact details:
Mobile : 9427513035
Website: http://www.hodkaresort.com/

Contact person information
Name : Salambhai
Mobile : 9427513035
Email : rannresort@gmail.com  


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